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The Urantia Foundation
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Urantia Association International
Connecting Urantia Book readers from many countries, study groups, projects, forum, event conferences.

The Urantia Book Fellowship
The Primary focus of The Urantia Book Fellowship is the dissemination of The Urantia book.

Urantia Now
The official site of the Urantia Book Fellowship’s Urantia Youth and Young Adult Committee.
A comprehensive blog site with many interesting features and articles.

Urantia Aspirations By Antoinette Hall
The Mission of Urantia Aspirations is to share the Good News and Advanced Truths contained within The Urantia Book, to a new and broad spectrum of people who are searching for “More Truth!”

The Cosmic Citizen Radio Show

Symmetry Of Soul Radio Show

UB The News
Verifying Science & History in The Urantia Book

The United Urantia Family ~ TUUFF
The United Urantia Family Mission: As Humanity, we are all part of one global family on Earth (Urantia) as revealed to us in The Urantia Book.

Urantia Sacred Arts
At Urantia Sacred Arts, we wholeheartedly believe that art is indispensable to raising consciousness on our planet.

Art Works For The Revelation by Gary Tonge

Urantia Book Films
David Kantor
Saskia Raevouri & Matthew Block is a place to learn as much as possible about the Urantia Book.

The History Of The Urantia Movement

The Correcting Time by Fred Harris

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Minister Pato Banton’s Spiritual Family

Warm Welcome to OUR Loving Family!

We believe that we are “ALL” God’s children, brothers and sisters; and we pray that we can learn to make this IDEAL a REALITY through our words and actions towards each other.

WE (me and Antoinette) decided to create this space as an arena where Spiritually Motivated people can come together and discuss Spiritual, Religious and Personal issues in a safe and and mutually loving and supportive environment.

Even though OUR “highest truth” is found in The Urantia Book, we welcome everyone’s ideas, respect your beliefs, and embrace the beauty of all Truth that resonates in our Souls, regardless of where it originates from. Our only request is that everyone in this Forum shows each other the same love and respect that they would like to be shown.

One Love Always ~ Ministers Pato Banton and Antoinette “Roots Dawtah” Hall

( Pato Banton is an Ordained Minister for Christ Michael, Certified Counselor, Under Shepherd and BrotherFriend to ALL. If you ever need personal support, marriage counseling, conflict resolution or an understanding “ear”, you can message him on Facebook, email him at, or you can text or call him directly at 001-323-877-6502 and all his “personal” services are free! )

Here is a link for those of you who would like to donate to our continued Outreach Missions and future goals of establishing an “Edentia” Place of Worship & Spiritual Retreat Center:  Our Edentia Organization is a 501c Non Profit and we can issue legal Tax Receipts upon request.

New Readers of The Urantia Book can join us here if you have any questions:

And anyone who desires to become a Minister For Christ Michael and join our Global Network of Loving Support can also join us here:

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