Spiritual Advice & Guidance

Spiritual Advice and Guidance

We always encourage everyone to look within their own minds and tune in to their Inner Guide or Indwelling Spirit for the solutions to the problems they face in life. This also includes prayer requests, as we believe that everyone has the same and equal opportunity to have their prayers heard by God directly. We do not encourage our brothers and sisters to become needy followers, no, rather do we strive to inspire everyone we encounter to become “confident children” of Our Heavenly Father and “conscious creators” of their own destiny. But whenever we are needed to assist in clarifying someone’s inner impulses, to help in a crisis situation, or just to offer a voice of reason based on our own life’s experiences and the teachings of The Fifth Epochal Revelation, we always do our best to make ourselves available.

There is no cost involved and all of our personal services are free because we consider you to be a member of Our Spiritual Family. So if you really need our moral support, spiritual advice and loving guidance, (as long as we are not traveling) we can be reached at any time on Facebook, by email or directly by phone.

Minister Pato Banton
Tel: 323-877-6502

Minister Antoinette Hall
Tel: 1-310-936-7243

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