On Urantia, today, there are four kinds of religion:

1. Natural or evolutionary religion.

2. Supernatural or REVEALED RELIGION.

3. Practical or current religion. Varying degrees of the admixture of natural and supernatural religions.

4. Philosophic religions, man-made or philosophically thought-out theologic doctrines and reason-created religions. 103:0.3

REVELATORY RELIGION is excellent as well as genuine. The new loyalties of enlarged spiritual vision create new levels of love and devotion, of service and fellowship; and all this enhanced social outlook produces an enlarged consciousness of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man. 100:6.8

In Evolutionary Religion, the gods are conceived to exist in the likeness of man’s image; in REVELATORY RELIGION, men & women are taught that they are God’s Sons & Daughters — even fashioned in the finite image of Divinity 92:5.1

Evolutionary Religion is sentimental, not logical. It is man’s reaction to belief in a hypothetical ghost-spirit world — the human belief-reflex, excited by the realization and fear of the unknown. REVELATORY RELIGION is propounded by the real spiritual world; it is the response of the superintellectual cosmos to the mortal hunger to believe in, and depend upon, the universal Deities. Evolutionary Religion pictures the circuitous gropings of humanity in quest of truth; REVELATORY RELIGION is that very truth. 92:4.3

Man’s greatest spiritual jeopardy consists in partial progress, the predicament of unfinished growth: forsaking the Evolutionary Religions of fear without immediately grasping the REVELATORY RELIGION of love. 99:4.8

Evolutionary Religion provides only the assurance of faith and the confirmation of conscience; REVELATORY RELIGION provides the assurance of faith plus the truth of a living experience in the “Realities of Revelation”.

The third step in religion, or the third phase of the experience of religion, has to do with the morontia state, the firmer grasp of mota. Increasingly in the morontia progression the truths of REVEALED RELIGION are expanded; more and more you will know the truth of Supreme Values, Divine Goodnesses, Universal Relationships, Eternal Realities, and Ultimate Destinies. 101:5.13


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