Mission Overview

Our Mission Statement 2016
By Ministers Pato Banton & Antoinette “Roots Dawtah” Hall

1. Through the vehicle of Positive Reggae Music, travel across the USA & other countries of the world spreading the Good News about the Fatherhood of God & The Family of Humanity, continue to build Our Worldwide Spiritual Family, while planting the seeds of Advanced Truth on stage, and through all available media channels, like TV, Radio, Facebook, Youtube, Reverbnation, iTunes, etc. https://www.facebook.com/groups/MinisterPatoBanton/

2. Gather, commune and worship with Fellow Urantians and other Religious/Spiritual People, at Spiritual Centers, Churches, Places of Worship and private homes to establish a broader community circle of like minded people who are motivated to grow spiritually and be of Loving Service.

3. Through prayer circles (before or after our concerts) bring our fans and people of diverse beliefs together in spiritual unity, while at the same time encouraging and enabling spiritual motivation and regeneration. Openly (public service) and discretely (secret service) minister to the real needs of our brothers and sisters through Loving Service whenever and wherever the opportunity presents itself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WV-SIGFOfIo&spfreload=10

4. Make the Urantia Book and The Words Of Christ visible & available at our Concerts and Spiritual Gatherings, as well as introducing these beautiful sources of Advanced Truth to a new generation of sincere Truth Seekers and encouraging them to create study groups and new Circles of Fraternity.
www.urantia.org, https://www.reverbnation.com/patobantonandthenowgeneration/album/96168-the-words-of-christ-box-set and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VguZ0vBuso

5. Establish a Global Network of Ordained Ministers for Christ Michael with the hope of inspiring a new generation of Teachers who will continue the work our Master originally desired to implement 2000 years ago, while at the same time establishing a support network of Ministry designed to provide the ministerial needs and services of the people within our local communities.https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=zcOdKrSEJDBU.kqaPGpxRXuBk&msa=0&ll=7.297728%2C10.928951&spn=163.757218%2C262.617188

6. Progressive Youth: Design and implement a learning experience for young people and their parents in the hopes of nurturing and inspiring more Spirituality in the home life of interested and Progressive Families.

a) School Outreach to Inspire young people and children of all ages through music and motivational speaking.

b) Create curriculum and specific educational courses for new readers to enable and assist them in demonstrating their growing understanding of The Urantia Book.
2014 Course 1. Ambassadors for Our Father’s Kingdom ~ Completed
2015 Course 2. Followers Of Christ Michael ~ Completed
2016 Course 3. Followers Of Christ Michael II ~ Completed

c) Provide ongoing and personal support for New Readers of TheUB

Flying the Flag!