Global Outreach Ministry

Global Outreach Ministry

We give thanks that Our Global Outreach Missions have taken us to most parts of the world so far. Music is our “vehicle” that allows us to travel and reach small or large groups of people, some who are new to us but many who are already familiar with us and therefore open and even excited to receiving the Master’s Message of Good News and Spiritual Liberty!

We share the message during our shows and follow up with a prayer circle after the show to give everyone a chance to share a Spiritual Experience together in Thanksgiving. We also extend our hand of Friendship to those who are open to us, and for those who are sincere and genuine Truthseekers, hungry for “More Truth”, we expose them to The Urantia Book and offer them ongoing support.

This is just an example of one of the ways we reach people in other countries, but sometimes we will just get a “feeling” to go on a mission somewhere without a show or any budget, just so that we can meet new people in a new country and build our Spiritual Family. Some people have said they would love to travel and spread the good news, but because of some reason they are unable to do so. But now, with modern technology and the worldwide web of social media, everyone has the ability to share the Good News in their own unique way, with other people around the world and from the comfort of their own home.

After Jesus and Matthew had finished talking, Simon Zelotes asked, “But, Master, are all men and women the sons and daughters of God?” And Jesus answered: “Yes, Simon, all men and women are the children of God, and that is the good news you are going to proclaim.” But the apostles could not grasp such a doctrine; it was a new, strange, and startling announcement. And it was because of his desire to impress this truth upon them that Jesus taught his followers to treat all men and women as their brothers and sisters.

“Peace be upon you. In the fellowship of the kingdom there shall be neither Jew nor gentile, rich nor poor, free nor bond, man nor woman. You also are called to publish the good news of the liberty of mankind through the gospel of sonship with God in the kingdom of heaven. Go to all the world proclaiming this gospel and CONFIRMING believers in the faith thereof. And while you do this, forget not to minister to the sick and strengthen those who are fainthearted and fear-ridden. And I will be with you always, even to the ends of the earth.” 190:3.1

“Go, then, into all the world telling this good news to all creatures of every race, tribe, and nation. My spirit shall go before you, and I will be with you always.” 193:1.2

“Had the followers of Jesus taken more seriously his injunction to “go into all the world and preach the gospel,” and had they been more gracious in that preaching, less stringent in collateral social requirements of their own devising, then many lands would gladly have received the simple gospel of the carpenter’s son, Arabia among them.” 95:7.3

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