Future Goals

Ever since me and Antoinette came together and joined forces, we have constantly created new goals and strived to attain them.

Our dreams and aspirations have never been selfishly motivated, and during the first three years of our Ministry, we refused to accept donations until our own personal resources had been exhausted.

We still continue to personally finance most of our Outreach Activities, but to fulfill our “future dreams” we need the help and support of Our Spiritual Family who are in a position to provide some sort of financial assistance on a one time or monthly basis.
Here is a brief description of Our Future Plans:

1. Spiritual Retreat & Worship Center
A place of Spiritual Practice & Regeneration
2. Progressive Youth Training
Family Based Study & Coaching
3. Homeless Outreach
A Second Mile Assistance
4. Edentia Eco Village
Self Sustainable Living
5. School Of Music
Music Artisans Dept
6. Health Center
Self Healing Advice
7. Restaurant
Healthy Living

If you believe in Our Mission and would like to support our future goals,
you can make a tax deductible donation/s right here:

Edentia Eco Village